Songs About Jenny: A True Love Story

by Thomas Darlington

About the Book

What if soulmates are real? If so, wouldn't God want them to find each other early in life?

Jason fell in love with Jenny the first time he saw her, and in time she returned his love. They knew from the very start they were soulmates. They fell in love during high school, while they were still innocent, and they never moved on to other relationships. They married at nineteen and shared a long life, staying together through thick and thin.

Is their story too perfect-too cliché to be believable? Does it lack the pain, tension, drama, and other elements expected of an epic romance? Perhaps their story can serve as an example to the world, showing others the value of innocence, the beauty of commitment, and the necessity of forgiveness? Perhaps their story can bear witness to the power of pure young love nurtured throughout a lifetime?

As you turn the pages of this fictional soulmate memoir, you will find answers to all these questions. Your belief in soulmates will be rekindled. And you, too, will fantasize about your innocent young love that was, your profound true love that is, or your awesome eternal love that may be.

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