Life According to The Rules of Boxing: 101 Rules to Being the Champion of Your Own Life

by Jolie Glassman

About the Book

All of us fight. We fight for the things we believe in. We also fight for those we love, and at times, we need to fight against our toughest opponent—ourselves. In Life According to the Rules of Boxing, author Jolie Glassman offers a curriculum for life, discussing how to live your life like a boxer and be the champion fighter of your own life. You are the hero you have been waiting for; it is your future self. The guide presents 101 rules to live life like a boxer who trains to be a champion and becomes one. It offers tips and advice to help you become stronger, fitter, faster, better, and wiser in mind, body, and spirit. Each rule is paired with a famous boxer’s quote, and Glassman recommends “being with the rule,” reflecting on if you currently possess the skill or trait, and if not, how you will begin to incorporate it in your life and embody it. Life According to the Rules of Boxing is a catalyst to open your eyes to the choices champions make while inspiring you to do the same. This is a curriculum for living a powerful and successful life you love. “Inspired by her passion for boxing and love of service, Jolie Glassman has written a truly inspirational book, a blueprint for anyone that is ready to fight for a better life. She uses the words and disciplines of great fighters like myself, to train and motivate the mind into obtaining characteristics that boxers use for self-mastery, which include belief, discipline, repetition and desire. If you are ready to fight for a better life, than there’s no better coach than Jolie Glassman to have in your corner.” —Mike Tyson

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