Manifestations of Grace

by Steve Stewart, Th.D.

About the Book

Grace: We all desperately need it, but do we know why?

It’s a theological buzzword in Christian circles, but what exactly is it? The Bible has so much to say about grace and presents many different nuances of grace – but many of them seem to be misunderstood, misinterpreted, misapplied, or just missed.

So, let’s not miss them! Let’s get ready to receive all the grace we can. It’s available. It has a never-ending supply. It is ours for the taking, and God is ready, willing, and able to give.

Author Steve Stewart takes us on a journey through the pages of Scripture, looking at individuals who experienced the wonder of grace. He will guide us into a deeper understanding of and appreciation for God’s many Manifestations of Grace. Are you ready for grace? Let’s start the journey!

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