The Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers: Working with Nature to Restore our Divine Blueprint and Optimize our Well-Being - Book 1 of the Sacred Nourishment Series

by Barbara Starflower

About the Book

In this inspiring work, Barbara shares the healing grace extended through flowers and with their help, how it is possible to restore our true, celestial natures. Specifically, the sacred healing powers of more than 70 flowers are revealed, helping to support our ascension and restore our well-being. Flowers can have extraordinarily beneficial effects on health, and the unique properties of flowers and the emotional and spiritual benefits they can bring are detailed within. In doing so, insights into the etheric and spiritual underpinnings of healing are uncovered, helping us transcend personal struggles in order to reach our highest potential. As a bonus, mastery tips are shared throughout this book that can help readers deepen their experience with flowering plants.

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