A Message from the Neighbours

by Vincent J. Hyde

About the Book

At last, Earth's Radio Telescopes detect an intelligent signal from a small Space Probe heading towards the Solar System. The Space Probe has locked onto the radio transmissions from the Earth and its speed is proportional to the signal strength it is receiving.

Is Earth in Danger?

The World Council decides that the director of Space Research meet with Directors from Science, Religion, Defense, Communications, Power Production, Human Welfare and Funding to develop a plan of action.

The Directors decide to send two non-aggressive astronauts in an unarmed Interceptor Shuttle to intercept the Space Probe. The Interceptor is provided with a powerful radio frequency generator.

The plan works and the Space probe locks onto the Interceptor's radio signal, slows down and connects to the Interceptor. A robot who introduces himself as a interface enters the Interceptor and explains that he is programmed against regression. Interface gives the astronauts a visual recording of the Neighbor's Star System before departing in his Space Probe.

The astronauts return to the Earth in the Interceptor having successfully completed their mission and give the Director of Space Research the visual recording received from the Interface.

The Director for Space Research holds a final meeting with the Directors and the two astronauts. On activation of the visual recording, Interface's three dimensional image appears above the table in the meeting room, showing the Director's the Neighbor's Star System with facilities on each of the planets. After the colorful display, Interface bids the Directors farewell and his image disappears.

The Director for Space Research secures funding for the reply to the Neighbor's Message.

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