A Terrifying Grace: Sexuality, Romance and Marriage in Christian History

by Rob Yule

About the Book

Romance and sexual intimacy are among life's highest joys. How we handle our sexuality is an ultimate challenge, particularly in today's sexualized global culture.

Rob Yule looks at a fascinating selection of romantic relationships from throughout Christian history, from Augustine, Abelard and Héloïse, and the Luthers to Billy and Ruth Graham and Pope Saint John Paul II. Illustrating how challenging and far-from-straightforward the relationship of men and women is in real life, he draws many insights for relationships and marriage today.

A Terrifying Grace explores the romantic relationships of leading Christians throughout history and how they handled sex and marriage.

What were their relationships and marriages like?

What did they believe or teach about sexuality and marriage?

Did their marriages - or celibate lives - live up to their professed beliefs?

How did they handle the joys, pains, temptations, and responsibilities of their intimate relationships, alongside their public life and witness?

Even great Christians have struggled to handle their intimate relationships. We can learn much from them how to live with integrity in today's hypersexualized culture.

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