Baby Seals Part 1: Beginnings

by J.W. Bloomfield

About the Book

Baby Seals Part 1 is the first in a series of books that follows the lives of two children, Jeff and Danielle, who meet when they are six years old and decide they are brother and sister. Part 1 describes their lives from the time they meet until they are twelve. Danielle lives with her mother and stepfather, while Jeff lives with his mother. To say the least, none of these parents are great role models.

When Jeff and Danielle are seven, they are terribly injured, and when they are released from the hospital, they are taken under the wing of an ex-Navy SEAL and members of his team who spend the next several years teaching them everything a SEAL knows, from SCUBA diving to weapons, unarmed combat, parachuting, combat medic, and even explosives. At their core, Jeff writes music, while Danielle is an artist and plays the guitar. All of the new training is laid on top of this.

Although they become Christians together early on, their faith takes a major blow when they are injured, and they spend a long time regaining their faith. Through it all their friends, new ones and old ones, Christian and non-Christian, give them support and encouragement. Also through it all, God’s hand in their lives is obvious to anyone who can see what is taking place and how all the pieces fit together.

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