Inner Explorations of a Seeker

by Amar Ochani

About the Book

A collection of essays and thoughts on self-improvement and spiritual growth, the Inner Explorations of a Seeker aims to illuminate your path with a nurturing light as you embark on an inner quest. Among these pages are musings on finding one’s passion, understanding the true meaning of compassion, why must one meditate, learning to be mindful, practicing loving kindness and forgiveness, building satisfying relationships, developing a balanced parenting approach and other subjects that we’d like to comprehend but often struggle with. Also, interspersed throughout the book are insightful thoughts on themes such as awareness, gratitude, generosity, equanimity, detachment, integrity, the art of living, and on.

Every thought dwells on a distinct theme or looks at the same theme from a different perspective, and is complete by itself. Clear, concise and non-sectarian, Inner Explorations of a Seeker is your essential reading on everyday spirituality and a helpful resource for living an inspired life.

"This is a remarkable book about life and the art of Living. Inner Explorations of a Seeker contains personal reflections on spiritual growth and self-knowledge through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. Amar Ochani has delved deeply into what really causes unhappiness. In these collected essays, Ochani offers us insights into the human condition as fundamental jumping-off points to anyone hoping to improve their life. The path is clear, though never easy. To quote Ochani: “The truth hurts, but only once; untruth keeps hurting all the time.” Ultimately, this is profoundly a book of hope and redemption. But we alone must do the difficult work of facing ourselves as we walk the path towards self-knowledge. How fortunate then to have such wisdom to help guide us on our journey."
-Terence Morris RN, Ph.D. Douglas College, Coquitlam, Canada

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