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One of the key benefits of being a member of the Author Learning Center (ALC) is the global community of authors with whom you can interact. Once you create a book project using the Book Launch Tool, you can start a private online writing group called an Author Circle.

With this easy-to-use tool, you can invite people you know who are ALC members—or people who are not yet members—to join your group to provide advice, critique and encouragement. We will also suggest ALC members who you might want to consider inviting based on your genre and their experience. With members from 123 different countries, you’ve got access to guidance and support from fellow writers from around the world!

Your Author Circles are private online writing groups where you can invite any of the ALC members from around the world to help you.


No other site in the world offers you this kind of support as a writer

As a member of the ALC, you receive the support, encouragement and advice you need to achieve your goals. When you fill out your profile or start tasks in the Book Launch Tool, we curate and deliver personalized resources right to your inbox. When you reach a milestone or complete a task, we let the ALC community know so that you can be properly congratulated.

When you are a member of the ALC, you don't have to wait till your book is published to be congratulated on a job well done.


It's "Netflix meets LinkedIn meets Fitbit"

Because there is no other site like this in the world, one member described the ALC as "Netflix meets LinkenIn meets Fitbit." Here's what some other members have said about the ALC:

Rhonda Gatlin
"I am a children's book writer and I have taken several webinars from Cathy Fyock. Her plan made my book signing for my book, Granny's Cobbler: a Counting Book, a success. Through her all-day writing webinar she provided me the tools to finish my second book's first draft."
ALC member Rhonda G.
Christine Durrant
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm a first timer and my book is currently in the submission process. This site is proving to be of great assistance. After reading your article I now know that I've made the right choice."
ALC member Christine D.
Megan Suzanne Anderson
"I really enjoyed the interview! I admire Reg for writing about his heartbreak to help others. I found it amazing the impact his book had on the world. We may just be a drop of water in the ocean of life but just that one drop can create a ripple."
ALC member Megan A.

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