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If you're looking for feedback on you're writing, the First Chapter Forums are a great way to connect with other writers and get a constructive critique.First Chapter Feedback

You might be wondering, "Why just the first chapter, why can't I share my entire manuscript?"

Without a solid first chapter, the rest of your book will likely not matter to readers. It's crucial that the beginning of your book grabs reader attention and entices them to keep turning the pages. For fiction, you need to ground readers in time and place, introduce your main characters and conflict, and set the story in motion. For nonfiction, you need to present your topic or theme in an interesting way that immediately hooks readers and leaves them wanting more.

Does your first chapter do its job? Post it in the appropriate genre below for feedback from your peers. Then, return the favor by reading the first chapters posted by others and providing your feedback.

We ask for constructive criticism only and reserve the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate, irrelevant, or unhelpful. You can review our terms of use HERE.
If you wish to share your full manuscript with others, you can do so through your Author Space by setting up your book project and creating an Author Circle.