Map your Journey
Use the Book Launch Tool. Create a plan to get published.

Choose Tasks. Set Deadlines. Track Progress. Reach Your Goals.

Our custom-built Book Launch Tool makes that easy. This unique online tool helps you set goals and track progress for all the important tasks on your journey from idea to your published book.

From your Author Space, you are one click away from the Book Launch Tool. The first time you visit, you will be asked to pick a date when you want to launch your book.

From there, we will help you know when you need to finish your manuscript to make that date. You also will have a list of tasks you can choose from to help you get to your goal.

Each task comes with suggested resources from our library of thousands of interviews, articles and recorded webinars. You can set deadlines for each task and get reminders when they're coming due.

And if our tasks aren't right for your book? You can make your own.

A planner. A calendar. A research source. A deadline tracker. The Book Launch Tool is all of that and more.

Watch below to get started.