Tips for Finding a Freelance Book Designer - article

You’ve written a book. You have your illustrations. Now, you need to set up your book – from front cover to back cover, to everything in-between. Of course, you could do the work yourself, but designing a book is a time-consuming process. Moreover, if you’ve never designed a book before, the whole business can be quite confusing. You’d probably rather to spend as much time as possible writing your next novel, instead of working on the technical points of designing your book.

One good place to start looking for a book designer is the Internet. As you look, take note of whose design you like best and what their prices are. Also, check out what services the designers provide and what type of designs they do. Websites will often list the services available, as well as prices. John Reinhardt Book Design, The Book Designers , and Fiona Raven Book Design are three examples of websites with such displays. Other good places to ask for leads and referrals for book designers are your writing group or critique group, writing conferences, and online writing forums and discussion groups. You can also find other books with a design that you like and see if you can track down the book designer.

Keep a list of designers whose work you like and who you feel could capture the essence of your novel. If you have the names of a couple of possible designers, it will save you the heartache and the time of having to look for more designers if your first choice says “No.” Also, as you compile your catalog of designers, keep in mind your budget. Avoid contacting designers who are out of your price range.

As you’re waiting for responses from the designers you’ve approached, ask your colleagues for any recommendations they may have. You can also ask them what they think of the designers you’ve already approached. Your colleagues may have had previous experiences with your designer candidates, so they will be able to say whether they are any good and prepare you for how to work with them. If you hear a few negative remarks about a certain designer, you can always decide to find another person.

To conclude, research the designers, and keep your budget and vision of your book in mind, as you set off on this journey.

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