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You’ve written your book. It’s edited. Your circle of designated critics have read the piece and loved it! Now what? It’s time to get your book published. Quite a few companies offer this service.

iUniverse: iUniverse offers many services, including evaluation, proofreading, and editing. They’ll design and format your book while taking care of production, marketing, and sales. iUniverse offers 6 different packages ranging greatly in price. The more expensive deals offer web design setup, book searches, free soft and hard cover books, an E-mail Marketing campaign, and promotional goods.

AuthorHouse: AuthorHouse offers basic and advanced editing services with design help. With advanced editing, AuthorHouse help you with the details of your book (even via the telephone). The basic service merely looks at the technical aspects. AuthorHouse offers both print and electronic formats. They have production, marketing, and bookselling services.

CreateSpace:’s CreateSpace makes electronic and softcover versions. They’re a POD that offers cover creator and editing and marketing services. Staff are available to help with the process. Their prices are low, no set-up fee, the author gets high royalties, and they offer free ISBN. They’ll allow you to sell through many venues.

LuLu: LuLu has eBook and print capabilities. They have several publishing and distribution packages. After choosing your packages, there are a few marketing campaigns to look at. Depending on the package, your publicist needs 20-50 copies of your novel.

Smashwords: Smashwords is an eBook distributor that provides ISBNs, nine eBook conversion formats, unlimited updating, and exclusive marketing and selling tools (all free). 85% of profits belong to the author. Smashwords allows distribution to many eBook distributors. You can manage your sales reports and meta data. They offer a low-cost eBook formatter and cover designer, but you can do it yourself. Signing up for an account is also free.

Wordclay: Wordclay offers an easy system of getting your book published. First, you tell them about the book and select its size. Then, you prepare and upload your novel. After that, you design the cover, calculate the selling price, list keywords, write about the book and the author, upload a free preview, and describe your target audience. Finally, you approve the final format and publish your novel. Wordclay also offers copy-editing, cover design, and marketing and distribution help.

Kindle Conversion: If you are interested in publishing an eBook this company can help you. Whatever your need is, they have a package to choose from. They format books for Kindle, iPad, Mobipocket, Ms Reader, XML, and ePub. They even offer OCRs. They’ll help develop, copyedit, format, illustrate, and proofread the book. They can also print your book. This company provides digital publishing support that includes a thorough consultation to determine your needs. They have services that allow you to publish in .mobi, ePub, ePDF, and eReader/PDM. They’ll provide marketing and distribution support and help with design. They don’t list prices on their website.

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