The Pros and Cons of Writing Under a Pen Name

If you are considering using a pen name for your work, there are a few things to keep in mind. Book marketing expert and author Desiree Duffy chose to write under the pen name Vanta M. Black because her professional brand was vastly different from her author brand. She didn’t do it to keep her identity a secret, but some may choose a pen name for this reason. In that case, an author must consider how he or she is going to market and promote. Having to completely hide your identity will limit publicity opportunities. Using a pen name, secretly or not, also means you now have two identities to manage. You’ll have double the social media profiles, and possibly multiple websites. This can be a huge undertaking. Finally, a pen name forces an author to split his or her personality, having to jump back and forth between two mindsets and communication strategies. While it’s not impossible to successfully write under a pen name, considering these factors and deciding how you will be able to handle it is an important first step.

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