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Start an Author Circle. Get feedback on your work.

Want an online writing group to support and encourage you? Done.

The Author Learning Center is a one-of-kind online author education community created to help educate, motivate, and support you on your publishing journey. One of the key ways we do that is through Author Circles.

Once you set up a book project in the Book Launch tool, you can create an Author Circle with people who can encourage you, review your book and provide guidance every step of the way.

"I always feel inspired hearing about the stories/struggles of other writers. Thanks for sharing."

- Cindy, ALC member

You can invite people you know if they are ALC members and people you know who are not members of the site. You can also search the site for ALC members who you might want to invite, plus we will even suggest some members you many want to consider. No matter how you find them, the end result is you can have a circle of people to help you get to your goal.

Create your own Author Circles with people who can help you with advice, encouragement and critiques of your book projects.


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Along with Author Circles, the Author Learning Center offers the most comprehensive collection of insights and advice on all topics related to writing, editing, publishing and marketing. In addition, the Book Launch Tool helps you set deadlines and track your progress. And you can see all of it for free.

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