Creating Conflict

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  • Advice for Handling Violence in Religious Fiction - video

    Including violence in a story can be risky, especially in Religious Fiction. There are certain sub-genres in religious fiction where the expectation is "clean writing...
    Jeanne Lyet-Gassman
    • Jeanne Lyet-Gassman
  • Novel Building Blocks: What is Pacing? - article

    Novels follow rhythms. Some are slow and sensual. Others are rip-roaring reads. This underlying rhythm within the novel is called pacing. Chapters, scenes, paragraphs...
    Molly Blaisdell
    • Molly Blaisdell
  • Conflict 101: Internal Conflict - article

    One of the key elements to any story is the conflict inside its characters that force them to grow. Everyone has flaws and we all are striving for something more,...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser
  • Conflict 101: External Conflict - article

    In the scope of all that is storytelling, the drama created is based in conflict. That conflict comes in two forms: internal, which affects the growth of a character...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser
  • Conflict 101: An Overview - article

    Conflict by definition is some sort of turmoil. Whether that’s internal conflict or external conflict doesn’t matter because every story needs both. Conflict is what...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser