Identifying Your Genre

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  • The Key Elements of a Captivating Mystery Novel

    Readers have come to expect that certain story elements are present when reading fiction books in their favorite genre. Mystery readers are no different. In order for...
    Author Learning Center
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  • Advice for Writing Romance Novels that Appeal to Readers

    The romance genre is one of the most popular in the fiction category because readers enjoy witnessing the uplifting stories that pull at their heartstrings: love at...
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  • Elements of Inspirational Romance Stories

    Bestselling author Allie Pleiter has published over 50 books and has sold over 1.5 million books worldwide, many of which are inspirational romance stories. Pleiter...
    Allie Pleiter
    • Allie Pleiter
  • Elements of a Good Horror Story

    A story doesn't have to contain blood and gore in order to be considered good horror. There are many elements that can take a horror story from boring to engaging, such...
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  • Neil V. Young on Trends in the Science Fiction Genre

    Author Neil V. Young shares some of his favorite storytelling trends in the science fiction genre.
    Neil V. Young
    • Neil V. Young