Writing Historical Fiction - podcast

One of agent Kevan Lyon's favorite areas to work in is historical fiction. In this interview she shares tips for creating well-written historical fiction, with examples drawn from her own work. "The best authors in the genre are passionate about getting the history right," she says, "but because it's fiction, they get to use their imaginations, too." You're going to have readers that know the types of flowers growing in the region at certain times of the year so accuracy is vital. However, you get to create and develop relationships in a way that allows people to connect with your readers. The balance is tricky, but the payoff of writing really beautiful historical fiction is fantastic.

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  • Your advice on historical fiction is of great value and it is true that even the issues that you think are minor like the type of rose that grew in England at that time of year are very important. Thank you for making me know that nothing should be taken for granted and how important it is to pick characters
  • Even though, I write creative nonfiction, historical fiction is my favorite genre to read. You're so right, there is a fine balance between facts and fiction in this genre. For me too, it's the characters that pull me in.