On Perseverance - video

The late Stan Lee couldn't afford to give up: like most salaried employees, he had bills and a mortgage. But at age 40, writing action scenes became unfulfilling and he wanted to quit; his wife told him to create a script he found meaningful. The rest is history: Lee created The Fantastic Four and a string of superhero stories, including Spider-Man and The Hulk, later serving as president and chairman of Marvel Comics. He found meaning and enjoyment in superheroes. He believed that is a critical component of perseverance and the foundation of finding fulfillment in writing work.
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  • I'm in it to win it now and if I was to give up at this point then all the perseverance it's taken me to get here would be lost forever. I'm glad I now have this resource at my disposal, it will be irreplaceable in the process of creating all of my future manuscripts and anything that comes from them. Thanks for the insight and inspiration Mr. Lee.
  • motivating indeed. dozens of authors/writers that I have talked to just literally stopped pursuing their dreama due to variety of reasons. and the usual alibi is what they call priorities. they merely forgot that those priorities will always be in our lives thats why a society progress. I tell them they can stay afloat in the midst of these priorities while maintaining their goals on publishing their book