Fighting Writers Block - video

When a writer stops having ideas and feels a strong repulsion toward writing, that's writer's block. Writer's block usually comes from fear of failure, whether you are conscious of this fear or it exists in your subconscious. When you're fighting writer's block, you need a solution fast. Pen Densham, Hollywood producer, writer, and director, shares a sure way to overcome writer’s block. First, tell yourself that you don't have to be perfect—writing is part of an adventure, a journey. Then, just write something, even if it's terrible. Pretty soon, the words will start to flow again. Writer's block happens to many artists and inventors, not just writers. Anyone trying to create something can be struck with a fear that they will let themselves or others down. But you can overcome it if you face it. You can also try a different system of working through your writing process, such as taking a shower or talking to someone. But the biggest solution for writer's block usually comes from within.
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