There's an App for That:  How do I create an app? - article

Apps are an additional avenue for marketing books, and authors are creating them to reach readers. Often these apps have exclusive content for fans, such as book trailers, preview copies, bonus content, fan interaction, author interviews, appearance schedules, audio clips and more. Some authors are also publishing their books with apps.

To create an app, you can choose to hire a developer who will do all the work for you. Alternatively, you can create the app with fee-based app development software, such as Appmakr. Once you create an app, you also need to publish it on a platform. iPhone and Android are popular platforms for apps, and each has its own protocol for publishing apps. Creating an app takes technical skill, but point and click developer options are available. Consult these three sites to explore app creation:

Mobile Roadie is a popular app development company for creative content. Fees begin at $500, plus a monthly hosting fee. The app creator also called an app wizard, allows someone with few technical skills to launch an app. It’s a point and click system that is easy to use and creates an app from a template. It’s only moderately personalized due to the template starting point. Overall, this option offers authors with few technical skills a way to launch an iPhone app, without hiring a programmer or learning complex publishing procedures..

Swebapps is another popular app development company. Fees begin at $400, plus a monthly hosting fee. This app creator company has a simple interface. Clients choose backgrounds and select 6 or 8 buttons from a library of buttons with varied functions, such as appearance dates and video clips. This kind of app will create a direct link between you and your audience. The company also provides this app to major platforms.

Myappbuilder is a different approach to app building. There are no development fees, only hosting fees. You upload content, images, and your app idea to the website, and the developers at Myappbuilder make a simple app. The developers send the proposed app back to you for review. It’s then submitted to the Android Market or Mac App store, and when it is accepted the app goes live. This is an uncomplicated way to publish a book on a different kind of platform than an e-book, and, of course, is completely different from a traditional, printed book.

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