How to Write an Engaging Memoir

A memoir isn't just about sharing the facts and timeline of your life from birth to present day. To engage readers, your memoir must contain certain fiction elements such as plot, theme, conflict, resolution, and more. In this clip, several published memoirists share advice on how to make sure your personal story will resonate with readers.

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  • I found this video clip right when I needed it.  I can truly say each author's share hit a strong chord with me, all added concepts and constructive information necessary for where I am at this point in my writing; however Eleanor Vincent was essential listening, about two areas of writing that I have been unaware of, until she explicitly unpacked them for me. For the first time I was able to clearly differentiate, identify became aware of the  difference between the situation and the underlying story or theme..I finally understood why my writing was confusing me..I understand that the thematic platform is like the backbone that 'the what happens' rests on. I must come back to again and again to ensure these two elements are woven or crafted together for the are, essential to each other, in order to bring the story forward. I am currently choosing the scenes and where to put them so they flow and give the kind of sensuality the texture to ensure my memoir is a good read.

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  • My book is about my stories where do I write my memoir!