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  • Writing Mistakes Commonly Made by Fiction Authors

    First drafts are generally messy and full of mistakes. Many authors encourage each other to write very rough first drafts for the sake of creativity. It’s in the second...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center
  • The Value of Critique Groups and Professional Book Editors

    Arthur Doweyko, award-winning author and scientist, explains his approach to receiving criticism. He uses his experience with writing scientific papers as he collaborates...
    Arthur Doweyko
    • Arthur Doweyko
  • Self-Editing Strategies and Tools for Writers

    Self-editing is the practice of editing your own manuscript to the best of your ability, prior to submitting it to a freelance editor, agent, or publisher. Every author...
    Jason Schmetzer
    • Jason Schmetzer
  • Expert Tips for Revising Your Novel

    The flush of inspiration can carry you through the first draft of a novel or story, but what do you do once that draft is complete? How do you revise your novel or story...
    Jeanne Lyet Gassman
    • Jeanne Lyet Gassman
  • Discussing the Editing Process - podcast

    Mystery author Ray Daniel breaks down his editing process, from discovery to final product. Interestingly enough, he writes each book three times. In Ray Daniel’s...
    Ray Daniel
    • Ray Daniel