Editor Bobbie Christmas on Founding Zebra Communications

The rapidly evolving publishing industry has changed how books are written, marketed, and published. The change has also altered how they’re edited. There are some universal manuscript needs, and authors need to know what those are before they hire an editor. Like selecting a publishing house or an agent, choosing an editor is difficult and there are so many questions authors should be asking. It’s important that an author chooses an editing service that will provide exactly what he or she needs. Editor Bobbie Christmas shares the story of founding Zebra Communications. She began as a freelancer, editing books for friends for free. As she gained more experience, she decided it was time to leave corporate America. At that point, she was able to find her niche as “The Book Doctor.” There are different types of editors, like line editors and broad-brush conceptual editors. Christmas brings various editing styles together to create a “full diagnostic report” of a manuscript. Listen to the clip below to learn more about Zebra Communications and the editing process. 

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