What Are The Different Levels Of Editing - podcast

Author and grammar expert, Constance Hale, offers a very clear description of the various types of editing, including copy editing, line editing, and structural (or developmental) editing. A good editing process includes all of these.
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  • English is not my first language, but I have leaned by my mistakes. I have paid  the publishing company for grammar, punctuations,  spelling mistakes without changing the ideas or the meanings of the sentences. I Though they would have someone to have the manuscript to read it sentence by sentence, yet a special software did the job which not to good. After they sent me the printed book, I saw a lot of mistakes. What do you think I have to do? I have paid almost $300 for editing and the work has not done. Should I ask for the editing money back so I can find a real editor?  In my research this is how I need my work to be done down below

    Content Editing includes Editing Levels 1 and 2 (spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency/appropriateness of verb tenses, transitional phrasing, continuity/flow of thoughts, support of statements, formatting of citations/references, and footnote editing) PLUS supplementary sentence re-writes when necessary. This level includes reviewing the plot/character elements for consistency in fiction/non-fiction works.

    I want to see me, myself, my style in that book. If the sentence is not a perfect English sentence, they have to fix it, but they do not have to change the ideas; then they can fix the grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Tell me what to do because the book is on hold now!

  • Thanks for this information. It was helpful.
  • Hi Constance, I liked your detailed explanation on the different editing types. Very clear and helpful. Thanks.
  • Very well-organized information, thanks a lot, Contance.
  • Hi Precious, You can reach out to your marketing consultant if you are in the works to self publish your book, if you are going another route, you can search for freelance editors who might be for hire. Hope this helps!