Self-Editing vs Hiring an Editor - video

Author and editor, Sara Anne Fox, recommends that writers put a book or script away for at least a month before deciding how to go about the editing process. This detachment will assist with the re-write and will allow you to be more objective when you begin editing. If you find that you are struggling with how to move forward at any point, consider hiring a professional editor or consult with people that you trust to give you honest feedback. There are different levels of editing assistance available, but when hired, a good editor will story conference with you and bring in fresh ideas.
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  • This strategy is highly effective as i started writing more than a year ago, and stopped, after just writing a simile story line. A year later, i went into my computer, and decided to get to writing again, and looked for the one i started. AS i got into it, the entire story line shifted, and i saw all the flaws asap. Now completed, i have kept it away for a month. I have three weeks left, to start the process again. In the absence of editing my maniscipt draft, i have engaged in reading the advice form experts, and listening to podcasts on ALC.

  • What you said in the video is exactly what happened to me. I recently released a book named, The Heart of Dragon, and I hired an outside editor to help me edit the script. My editor made suggestions and feedback on the book, but never consulted on what he believed I should add my script to make it better, but he did make the suggestion to re-look at a chapter and sentences, and ways to make improvements.

    I don't know how many times I've been stuck on a topic, but I learned over time to back off and take a short break, and sometimes it comes to me with an idea that could actually work on what I was working on at the time...

    Like your advice... Thank you...

  • Thank you for your suggestion of stepping away from the finished work to gain an objective perspective and create some distance for revelation. I can attest to the benefits of this. It works.  Although it was not my aim, it was a pleasant surprise.  It's been a couple of years since I completed by book, then I read and edited it.  Now I'm at the stage of inviting others to share their feedback.