Why an Edited Book is More Attractive to Publishers

Bobbie Christmas, editor and owner of Zebra Communications, explains why publishers want professionally edited manuscripts. In the past, publishing houses would keep full-time manuscript editors on staff. That’s grown less and less common. Most traditional publishers now would like books edited before they’re submitted. Christmas says that if an author is self-published, it’s vital that he or she hire a professional editor. The editing services and skills of a professional editor are different than the editing services of friends and family. Simple objectivity will change the way that an editor approaches a manuscript. In addition, there are major differences between editing a book and editing papers or articles. Finally, there are industry trends that a professional editor is aware of that family and friends are not. Listen to the clip below to learn industry trends around book editing and the role a professional editor plays.

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  • Hi Bobbie. I need an editor. I just finished my 4th book, "An Unlikely CEO: The Jolyn Robichaux Story." It is a novel about the first African American CEO in the Dairy Industry. It's a book that encompasses a rich African history ranging from the 1920s to 1990s. Will you mind be my editor? The next phase of the book will be to develop a script. Thank you.