The Three Levels of Readability in a Book

Writing a well-crafted manuscript is important, but it won't happen in the first draft. Thorough editing and revision are required to make your story readable. Editor Helga Schier explains the levels of editing needed to take a manuscript from messy draft to engaging read, breaking this execution down into three parts. The first level of readability is word usage: grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and sentence structure. The second level is the style and voice of the writer. The third and deepest level is the content, which needs to be comprehensively examined and polished. Addressing all three levels is vital to publishing a quality book that captures readers. If any of these steps are ignored, readers will find your story difficult to follow, making them less likely to get to the end. Watch the clip below to learn more from Schier about what makes a manuscript ready to publish and share with the masses.

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