How Technology Has Affected Writing and Journalism - podcast

Journalist and author Hiawatha Bray explores how technology has changed writing and journalism. Over the last decade, many journalists have lost their jobs. Not because of a lack of readers, but because of a collapse of advertising revenue. People still read, they just don't pay for it. One example is the decline of revenue from classified ads in newspapers, which used to bring in nearly one-third of the newspaper's funds. Technology replaced the need for that kind of advertising. Publishers may be publishing fewer books now, but the books are still getting out there through self-publishing. The challenge, however, is how the reader can find these self-published books.
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  • Hiawatha Bray How are you doing? went through your exposition on technology and destruction of some income or works. Is great. Email.
  • This is actually impressive technology made things more easy but there was no good law to product existing means of income. Bray thanks a lot.
  • Thank you for the facts described so clearly. It really lets me think and appreciate the our reality.
  • Thanks again ! As I said in my other comment, you are a joy to listen to. Here is another Fact for you to ponder: the end of the Mayan Calendar was note a doomsday prediction, it marked a turning point in that Collective Consciousness of the Human Race and we are now on the more positive side of Reality. Take Care!