Tips for Getting Started as a Blogger and Choosing a Platform

So you’ve decided to publish a blog! Now what? What platform should you use? What should you put in it? How often should you write? Part of creating an online presence is trial and error, but there are many veteran authors that have proven what can work. Erik Deckers, author and president of Pro Blog Service, explains how to build a blog for the first time. His personal favorite platforms include Wordpress, Blogger, and Tumblr. These three are user-friendly and will allow you to start with the basics. Deckers recommends that you start small because the blog will probably evolve after you’ve been established. He also explains how to fill the blog with content. This is the more difficult part of blogging, which is why authors should focus on content instead of building out a large-scale website. Learn more about how to create your blog in the clip below! 

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  • When should I start the blogging process? My second book is in Editing; this will be my first blog. Should I wait until the book is released or start now? I need help!

  • I will check out some of these information on blogging. I am always interested in  blogging, however, I never really got started properly...  I am going to give it a go.

  • Hello Erik, ty for explaining Blogging. I do not blog but am interested. What is an article? The only articles I know are in newspapers and magazines. Could you give examples of an article in a personal blog. Ty, I enjoyed this video and am interested in you sharing more about blogging.

  • I have a blog at . This blog involves travel, food, and adventure as well as historical facts and photos . I found these tips extremely helpful and was inspired to work harder on my blog. Thank you Erik

  • Hi, I found this useful. I have a blog with Blogger and find it very easy to use. I use the blog to update people on the progress of my non-fiction book and the software I'm designing to help with the writing of the book.