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  • Blogging for Authors: Beginner Level

    A blog can be a great complement to your author platform and provide a powerful way for you to engage your target readers. If you are interested in starting your own...
    Erik Deckers
    • Erik Deckers
  • Tips for Creating Engaging Content for an Author Blog

    Because of the abundance of online content, it can be overwhelming to attempt creating blog content that stands out and captures new readers. Marlan Warren, Author...
    Marlan Warren
    • Marlan Warren
  • How to Ensure a Blog Ranks in Google Search Results

    Do you know if anyone is reading your content? Writing a blog doesn’t guarantee anyone will be able to find it and read it. Erik Deckers, author and president of Pro...
    Erik Deckers
    • Erik Deckers
  • How a Journalistic Approach Can Benefit Blog Writing

    Using principles from a journalistic style can improve an author’s craft and hone storytelling. Most authors have previous experience that influences the way they...
    Erik Deckers
    • Erik Deckers
  • Advantages of Guest Blogging - video

    Chuck Sambuchino, freelance editor and author of the "Guide to Literary Agents" Blog, discusses the advantages of guest blogging and explains why it is such a great...
    Chuck Sambuchino
    • Chuck Sambuchino