Why Reviews Matter: How to Get and Use a Kirkus Indie Review

In this exclusive webinar with Karen Schechner, Vice President of Kirkus Indie, you’ll discover how Kirkus Indie reviews work (fees, privacy, matching books with reviewers, genres we cover, etc.), why several reviews from various publications is good idea, what Kirkus editors look for when recommending titles, and what to do with those reviews once they’re acquired (send them to agents, use them to pitch librarians, use in all marketing materials). Karen will also include information from agents and librarians regarding how they use Kirkus as a resource, as well as a few examples of authors who have successfully used their reviews to boost sales or sign a deal with a traditional publisher. 

About the Presenter: 
Karen Schechner is the vice president of Indie at Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus Indie curates self-published titles to help consumers and industry influencers (publishers, agents, film producers, librarians, booksellers) discover books they may otherwise never find. In her pre-Kirkus days, Karen was an editor at the American Booksellers Association, where she worked with indie booksellers for nearly a decade. She also volunteers at the Lambda Literary Foundation.

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