Marlan Warren on Writing and Acquiring Book Reviews

Marlan Warren, Author and Publicist with Roadmap Communications, explains how to write and acquire book reviews. Through Marlan’s Bookshelf with Midwest Book Reviews, she chooses to only review books that she loves. She wants to support other writers and doesn’t feel the need to write bad reviews and will often let an author know that she’s choosing not to review their book if she doesn’t believe it’s well-written. Personally, Warren resonates with books that contain a human interest focus. That means she’s written about books containing a wide variety of content, from baby teeth advice to immigrant stories. If an author is looking for reviewers, Warren recommends that they utilize Goodreads. Within Goodreads groups, there are often readers who want to read and review books. Warren explains how to go about finding and pitching a story for a review. If a writer has a compelling pitch, they should be able to find a number of readers to provide reviews. Watch the clip below to learn more about book reviews!

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