The Benefits of Book Reviews and How to Acquire Them

Thousands of books are released every single day. You can make yours stand out by acquiring book reviews from multiple sources. In this video, published authors and book marketing experts explain why every author should seek out book reviews. 

While major book review outlets like Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly are seen as the most coveted review sources, it can serve you well to get your book reviewed by smaller publications and independent book bloggers or YouTube personalities. You can garner more reviews this way, and gain more credibility if you do approach a bigger reviewer.

You may even consider sending Advance Review Copies (ARC) to your readers and social media followers. An ARC is a free, promotional copy of a book that’s in the process of being published, but has yet to be released. It may be printed and bound or in electronic format. Sending out ARCs is one of the most effective ways to get your book reviewed online or in a publication, before it's even published.

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