Advice for Authors on Getting Their Book Considered for Screen Adaptation

The demand from Hollywood for interesting ideas and stories has never been greater, and industry decision-makers love to find adaptable content in books. This is great news for authors, as many dream of seeing their stories made into television shows or films.

Natasha Gatlin, Content Development Manager for Fuzeframe, a company that options books for adaptation, says there are steps authors can take to try and improve the chances of a book being considered for adaptation to the screen. First, she recommends authors make sure their book description accurately represents the story and that it's compelling. This is your book's "hook" or pitch, whether being read by a consumer or by someone in Hollywood. Second, she suggests authors enter contests to gain awareness and credibility for their books. Third, she encourages authors to get their books in front of people whether in-person or online. Most importantly, Gatlin says, is for authors to have patience and be persistent. The book adaptation process can be long and challenging.

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