How to Prepare an Effective Pitch for a Manuscript or Screenplay

When presenting your manuscript or screenplay to Hollywood decision-makers, it's important to remember that your project is just the prop, says former Hollywood Development Executive Dan Watanabe. Think of yourself as auditioning to the producers or development execs that you're pitching to. The chance that your project fits exactly what they are looking for is low, but if they like you and are interested in you, they will ask what else you have, so be prepared.

You can even inquire about what their dream project is and what they are looking for in a project. Watanabe says to try to connect on a personal or human level. Rather than focusing on the sale, focus on your strengths. What kind of creator are you? Are you story-oriented, character-oriented, or scene-oriented? By leading with your strengths and where you're comfortable, you will greatly improve your chances of making a good impression.

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