Finding Opportunities to Pitch Your Writing to Hollywood Decision-Makers

If you’re a newcomer to screenwriting or the entertainment industry and want to get discovered, former Hollywood Development Executive Dan Watanabe believes you must be present in places where you can be discovered. He recommends trying to get a front office job, on set job, or post-production job. Any of these departments will eventually expose you to the executives and decision-makers. This type of job is your chance to show your skills and that you are easy to work with. If you are a problem-solver you will ultimately get opportunities to share your career goals, and eventually, your writing. But, Watanabe says, make sure you're writing is ready before taking up their valuable time.

If you are mid-career in another industry and want to make a change to work in entertainment, you may need to take a step backwards with a lower level position. You can use your experience to stand out. You never know what doors might open for you. This may not be a direct route to your long-term goals, but will eventually get your there.

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