From Page to Screen: Taking Your Story to Hollywood - podcast

Hollywood producers often look to literature for their next big movie. The trick is getting their attention. Pen Densham, Hollywood producer, writer, and director, talks about how to sell your book to Hollywood and the right way to initiate contact with people in the movie industry. He says that how you approach producers and directors is key in selling your book-to-movie idea. If you want people to pay attention, you need to approach them personally and figure out how to translate your project into something that excites them. Find a director you like and whose projects are in the style of your book, and then write them a letter to pitch your book. If you have someone willing to look at your book, you need to manage their perceptions of it, because it’s all about perception. You need to sum up your story in a catchy and appealing way so that the buyer sees it as a financial opportunity. If you can make your project seem like the logical next step in their personal journeys, they’ll definitely take a look at it.
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  • Thank you very much for your advice, Mr. Densham. I have sold over 100 copies of my debut novel since its' release, and at least 10 people have told me to approach two media moguls whose words open doors for whoever they endorse. My book is titled: A Fine Piece of Chocolate: Righteous Sistas Crossing Over to the Wild Side. This book chronicles the lives of three women of faith whose passions for certain men causes them to cross boundaries they never intended to. This book resonates with both the secular and faith community, since relationship struggles are universal. If you can offer me any suggestions I would appreciate it. Sincerely, Jacqueline R Banks
  • Dear Mr Densham, Thank you for your advice. "A'undressing the Judge" (a pun on addressing the Judge), like "My Brother's Keeper" lets you into the world of lawyers and judges, compared to the rest of us poor mortals on the other side of the bench. It is a reveal-all true story that uncovers the bias and corruption that still goes on in court today... by JC Parry. We've heard about the bankers, the do you think it's time for the lawyers? Best regards Joanne C Parry
  • Dear Mr. Pen Densham My name is Addie M. Henderson, and i am the Author of: Unbelievable Magic & Miracle Of My Life; And I want to turn my book into a Movie and get my book on screen, and I would like for you, Mr. Pen Densham to e-mail me at; so I can send my book to you so you can look it over. Sincerely, Addie M. Henderson
  • Thank you for your advice and now I will start using it. My book: "A Mysterious Sighting" by Michella Wyshengrad based on a true sighting that takes place in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec, Canada and retold through the eyes of a child. you can reach me at
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    I love the title of your book MK. It has Hollywood written all over it. If yous search on "Hollywood" here on the ALC, you'll find tons of other great info that can help you on your way to being a Hollywood maven!