Advice for Selling Film & TV Rights - video

Agent Ken Sherman explains how to sell the film and TV rights for a book. He advises that authors get to know the market they want to sell to and the people involved in the process. His advice to authors is to do the market research and have quality material to sell. He gives the example of his client Anne Perry and how her book series is being turned into a contemporary television series. 
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  • this is so good to know
  • Former Member
    Former Member
    Hi Charlotte -- thanks for the nice feedback for Ken. He is not on staff here at the ALC so he isn't available to reply directly. But we are thrilled that you feel comfortable with him as a resource. I just tried the video and it seems to be working fine. Were you able to view it?
  • Hi Ken, at the moment I can't get the video to connect but I sure will kept on trying, but this I can say just to read a few words about you and your writings make me feel self a sure. I'm an Author of two poetry's book "Moments Like These" and "The Possibilities" And also my biography book soon coming out "My Puzzle Life Stories" and I also would like my biography book becomes TV series like you said. So yeah I believe you and I have something in common we need to stay connect. My biography book is a book to explore out there!
  • Very true concerning who is making the TV movies and who is producing the movies. Also know what subjects are being tapped for movies. All good dvice!