Herbie J Pilato on Creating His Talk Show, ‘Then Again’

A career’s worth of writing, interviews, and other contributions culminated into the talk show Then Again with Herbie J Pilato. Writer, producer, TV host, and president of Television, Ink, Herbie J Pilato started off by hosting live events where he interviewed classic television stars. At an end-of-the-year holiday event where he invited back all the guests who had appeared in these interviews, producers Joel Eisenberg and Lorie Girsh Eisenberg approached Pilato about making his live events into a TV talk show. Now streaming on Amazon Prime and Shout! Factory TV, Then Again focuses on the past, present and future of classic television stars and their shows. Pilato had always wanted this though he never consciously pursued it. But, he says, things usually happen when you least expect them or aren’t seeking them out.

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