Lessons in Book Marketing - article

When I first wrote my book, the title was Dada, and I liked that. I thought it was concise and everything that I was. When the publisher got hold of it, they changed the title to The Guy’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the First Year of Fatherhood. While I was resistant to the change, I realized they probably knew what they were doing, and they did, because it has sold quite well. The title is very important, because it has to tell readers exactly what the book is about and has to be tailored carefully to the target market you’re trying to reach. Your publisher might come up with a completely different title from the one you had in mind, but you have to realize they’ve been in business a long time and know how to sell books. If you can let go of a little bit of control and listen to them, you’ll have a much better chance of selling a lot of books.

When I first started marketing my book, I went to any website that had the word baby in the title: Baby Zone, BabyPoop.com, anything I could find that was related to parenting. I used those sites to try to get my name out there, and then I went to writer’s workshops and parenting workshops. I went to the Y. I went to doctors’ offices to see if I could leave my book or pamphlets about my book there. I did everything and anything to get my name out there. If you can afford a website, then get your own website. Even if you can’t afford your own site, take advantage of free social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and do everything you can to get your name out there. Understand your audience. Know who’s going to read your book and what they’re going to like and dislike. If you are writing a series, you can take advice from your readers and build from that. They’ll tell you what they liked or didn’t like, and you can narrow it down and focus on what they really enjoy, and it will make a very successful book for you.

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