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Most writers wonder how they can get an endorsement from a celebrity. If we re-evaluate the term “celebrity,” you may be surprised how easy it is to get celebrity endorsements. After all what makes celebrities “celebrated” is the extent to which they are recognized by the public. The term “celebrity,” connotes an artist, a musician, an actor, or even an author. But this list is far from complete.

Instead, think locally.

We all know the impact television and radio have on our way of life. Every city has at least a couple of local news reporters and radio personalities that love adulation. Why not drop a copy of your book off at the local television and radio studios? You might even get lucky and get booked for an appearance.

How about the local leaders in the community? The mayor, the city council members and the police chief. All of these people had to have sufficient “celebrity” to win an election. Try taking your book to such local figures, with the idea that there could be something mutually beneficial for them and for you, if they endorsed it. Local politicians, by endorsing your book, can show their constituents that they support literacy. They will also be showing everyone that they have an active interest in nurturing up-and-coming, local authors. Such endorsements will get them into the news, in a positive, non-political way.

What about local business owners, such as the ones who run those wacky commercials that play all day and night? Due to simple repetition, those people are now considered local celebrities. Such business owners obviously understand the value of being seen by the community. Offer them a new angle with your book – a chance to support a book, written by a local author. Your book can provide a new way for them to shine. They will be perceived as someone who is giving back to the community that’s given them so much.

Such types of opportunities for “celebrity” endorsement are endless. Consider professors, other local authors, a pastor, perhaps an active and visible group or club.

If you open your mind to the possibilities, you’ll create all kinds of opportunities.

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    @Michael Esser:  Hi Michael, thank you for this information.  You maybe able to help me with a few questions I have...or any professional here at the A.L.C.   

    My 1st book will be going live shortly and I have some questions about setting up 'My Book Launch. 

    (1) Is there any book that the A.L.C would suggest that gives information on setting up or preparing for a successful book launch?

    (2) Is there such a term or event as an ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH and if so how do you set that up? (

    (3) How do you setup a 'brick and mortar) book launch?

    (4). Should I start setting my book launch before my book goes live?  

    Thanks in advance for any and everyone that assists in the above!

  • Gwenneth Leane Thank you Micheal Esser for your tips on endorsement. My mind has been opened to all kinds of possibilities. I'm very excited.
  • Well a great suggestion, but as writer since writing is an intellectual property, so getting endorsement from reputable writer are more important than the celebrities, since not huge number of celebrities were reading books, and having a broad mind. The act, means follow the scripts and that's not awesome like the creates the script.. An intellectual property having the most hierarcy eventhough its will be fiction, or literature etc. A person whom writes need to read a lot, inspire by what has happened, and what will happend. Care about what they wanna achieved rather than only a popularity of their names... Many writer not only aims popularity nor money, but a huge crowd realize that life has a path...,so even life is a journey love is the path, my advise get correct path in your journey...ok? tq..