Joanie Schirm on the Significant Endorsement of Her Book, Adventurers Against Their Will

Joanie Schirm's award-winning book, Adventurers Against Their Will, is a a narrative nonfiction based on the letters exchanged between her Czech Jewish refugee father and family and friends during World War II. Schirm had the opportunity to be involved in the raising of the statue of president Woodrow Wilson in Prague, Czech Republic in 2011, 70 years after the original statue was destroyed by the Nazis. For Schirm, the main rail station where the statue stands holds great meaning - it is the place where her father said his last goodbye to his parents in 1939. As an event sponsor she attended a reception where she met Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State. They shared similar stories with their family history so when Schirm was ready to release her book she requested a testimonial. She received a gracious letter from Albright with a wonderful quote for her to use on the book cover. Schirm recommends authors reach out to other authors or high profile individuals that share similar interests or passions for testimonials.

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