Cookbook Author Gwendolyn Rogers on Getting Featured on Oprah’s ‘O’ List

Cake Bake Shop founder Gwendolyn Rogers has received many awards and global recognition for her cakes, but knew her ultimate dream of making Oprah Winfrey's 'O' list was a little far-fetched. She was lucky enough to get connected with Oprah's team and was given the opportunity to send some cakes for review. Her Mint Chocolate Chip cake, with three layers of Valrhona French chocolate cake filled with mint chocolate chip buttercream and Belgian chocolate ganache, topped with mint buttercream and a large pink silk peony impressed Oprah's team. This cake is also a favorite of Academy Award Winner Allison Janney, Ina Garten of ‘Barefoot Contessa’, and Kay Cannon, writer and director of the Pitch Perfect films and Blockers. Now renamed "The Oprah Cake", the Mint Chocolate Chip Cake was chosen for the famous 'O' list in the April 2018 edition of The Oprah Magazine. For Rogers, this recognition has served as a huge testimonial to her business and to the cookbook she is planning to release in 2019.

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