Large-scale Marketing with Large-scale Events - article

For many authors, there is nothing more gratifying than a direct sale. Many enjoy meeting their readers face-to-face, discussing their book, and maybe even signing a copy, allowing readers to have a one-of-a-kind treasure. Large events such as trade shows and workshops can make this possible. For both fiction and nonfiction authors alike, the mass gathering of people can provide an outstanding platform for promoting your book.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are often attended by people with similar interests. These are instances where chefs gather with other chefs and game designers gather with other game designers, and so on. The purpose of most trade shows is to introduce major innovations in a certain trade. Individuals attend these conferences simply to learn more about their field.

Are you a nonfiction writer? Attend to promote your book and ideas. Keep in mind that books provide a level of expertise not found in many other media. The trade show attendees will be attracted to the level of credibility of the information in your book.

Are you a fiction writer? Find a trade show that will attract creative individuals. All writers should make it a point to attend writing trade shows whenever possible. Not only do they provide new information about writing and the book industry, but they also provide a networking platform.


All writers can become active in writing workshops around their area. Contact your local library to see if they provide any writing workshops. If you are confident as a writer, ask if they need help leading a workshop. This builds your credibility as a writer and gives you an easy plug for your book. If you are not comfortable leading a workshop, attend it.

Both trade shows and workshops can lead to a book-signing opportunity. Many workshops have time set aside at the end for question-and-answer and book signings. Authors sitting at trade show booths should be available to sign books throughout the event.

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