Benefits of a Book Signing - article

Signing books at a table at your local bookstore may seem like a small part of the overall success of your book, but the result of your signing may surprise you. Not only do you have the chance to inspire and connect with your readers, but you get the opportunity to better understand your target audience. Meeting with readers face-to-face in a book signing environment may be one of the best ways to market your book.

Sell Your Book

Book signings are an excellent way to directly sell your book. While many authors dream of having their book on a bookshelf, your book is more likely to get purchased if you're interacting with potential buyers one-on-one. Furthermore, bookstore managers may keep any extra books on site after your signing is over, giving your book further exposure.

Sell Your Cause

No matter what foundation, cause, or belief is close to your heart, book signings are a great way to spread the word about your most beloved convictions. Talking with potential readers leaves an impact unmatched by other forms of marketing, making them more likely to read your book and support your cause.

If you don't have a specific charity or belief, book signings offer other ways to inspire. Speaking with readers about your experience may inspire them to follow their dreams. Many authors feel gratified after a book signing, knowing that they touched someone else's life.

Meet Your Target Audience

A book signing is an exciting opportunity to have face-to-face discussions with your readers. Fortunately, your readers and buyers can be your best critics and advisers. Use your book signings to find out what your audience did and didn't like about your book.

It is also important to understand the personalities of your target audience. In years to come, you will want to keep them excited and engaged in your books. One-on-one conversations give you insight into who your audience is comprised of in a deeper way than online communication or market research.

"A recommendation from a friend or relative is an important factor to a reader when deciding on a book to purchase."

Often, your audience advertises your book for free. Word of mouth is a credible third-party recommendation, making another reader more likely to give your book a try. A recommendation from a friend or relative is an important factor to a reader when deciding on a book to purchase. Readers feel close and personal with an author they've met, and often show the signed book to friends and family members.

Help the Host Help You

Bookstores and conventions advertise your event to get people in their store. Often, stores and conventions use high-profile display materials to announce your visit. They will most likely highlight you and your book in promotional mailings, newsletters, newspaper ads, media interviews, and more. The publicity helps the bookstore or event and also helps you.

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