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A Skype tour for authors is a great online promotional tool for writers of young adult and children’s books. If this is your genre, it will help you market your published book. Through the website you can connect with other authors, librarians and even fans of your work. Interviews can be held over Skype, which allows people to get a clearer understanding of your work and you as an author. There are two ways to do an Author Skype Tour.

One is to go online to the Author Skype Tour blog page. The program requires you be a young adult or children's book author, and be listed with The Book Council. The Skype program also requires that you be published through a traditional publisher--not self-published or as an e-book or other digital format. The service, though somewhat constrictive, is free of charge. All you have to do is follow the specific requirements found on the web page.

The second way to do an Author Skype Tour is to set it up yourself or have your publisher do so. Just download the Skype software, select a professional username, and arrange interviews or small chats with people in the industry, such as magazine writers and bloggers. This is another way to promote your work and make more connections as an author. Whether you do it yourself or through your publisher, it will be beneficial and allow you to promote your digital or print book.

Using both the Author Skype Tour program and doing your own Skype tour will add to your marketing options.

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