Media Tour: How Do You Organize a Traditional Media Blitz in Your Hometown - article

A traditional countrywide media tour is beyond the publicity budget of most authors and publishers. For very little cash an author can create his own media tour in his own hometown. This is your chance to shine and to begin a groundswell of support. Let your hometown media blitz begin! A little planning and persistence will go a long way to making this a successful endeavor.

Tip 1. Find your built-in audiences. Search out events that already draw a lot of people. Be sure these events connect with your readership. Look for book fairs, local conventions, book clubs, community centers, even museum exhibits and sporting events. Anything that directly connects with your content is a good fit.

Tip 2. Begin to set up the tour six months in advance. Plan a minimum of three events per day for a week. Telling contacts that you have limited time for events gives you a cache of professionalism. Fill in your proposed schedule. This will keep you directed.

Tip 3. Contact local radio and TV shows through email with short, concise pitches. Drop off promo packages, and include a reader’s copy of the book or add in a chap book (three-chapter hardcopy sample of your book), reviews, swag such as a bookmark, and a business card. Back this up with a phone call. Be persistent.

Tip 4. Let your network know what you are planning. You might gain a contact or two. You might even gain a volunteer or three. The more help you have the more successful you will be.

Tip 5. Don’t tell anyone anything negative during this tour! No matter how frustrating, no matter how disappointing the turnout, no matter how much the tour stop is a dud, smile and treat everyone with graciousness. No whining!

Tip 6. Throw a culminating event for your media tour. Personally invite your friends and family to your book launch. Also reach out to local librarians and special interest groups. Consider teaming up with a charity and doing something for your community. Be sure to invite local press.

Tip 7. Don’t forget to send out hand-written thank-you notes to everyone who participated in your media tour. You may have another hometown tour some day and want to leave a positive vibe everywhere.

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