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Readers and writers love to blog about books. Their grassroots promotion efforts boost the exposure of a book (but not necessarily the sales). Many authors use the vast network of bloggers to get the word out there about their books. A blog tour is usually a weeklong event but can last up to a month. These tours can include a variety of blogs that connect with content of a book.

For example an adult thriller with authentic details about a particular region of New Mexico, with a strong science slant and romantic overtones will appeal to different kinds of bloggers. Each tour stop showcases a different aspect of a book. A successful blog tour will draw in participants – who will join every stop on the blog tour. The participants are enticed by free ARCs (advanced reading copies) and other prizes, including: swag like T-shirts, stick on tattoos, gift baskets, and critiques by the author.

Does this sound like something you want to do to promote your book but you don’t have a clue how to do it? How do you find these bloggers and how do you get them to interview. The answer is simple. Research. Unless you are a diehard technophobe, you search for something as simple as: “type of book you have written” + blogs or blog tour.

You should start working on this immediately, even if you haven’t finished the book. Become aware of who is blogging your type of book. In our example, you will want to look bloggers for thrillers, bloggers for the particular kind of science you are showcasing, and some bloggers of suspense romance. On top of that, there may be a few regional New Mexico blogs that will have some interest in the content of your book. Create a spreadsheet and collect contact data.

After your data collection is completed, it’s time to begin laying the groundwork for the tour. Creating a network will facilitate your tour in the future. Familiarize yourself with the blog content of the targeted blogs. If you write your own blog, reach out by setting up reciprocating links with blogs that will support your work on a blog tour down the road. Introduce yourself to bloggers by reading and posting on their blogs. Join the book conversation.
Be sure to stick to intelligent positive comments when interacting. When it comes time to book your tour, build on the groundwork. Write salient short emails to blog contacts, asking them to participate in your blog tour. Offer an ARC to potential participants. Some will say yes, other will say no. Treat all answers with due respect. Keep accurate records. Remember success depends on networking. Get as many blogs buzzing about your books as possible.

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  • I'm a new author. I just recently had a book published called "Practical Guidance About Love, Sex, and Marriage". It is a Young Adult Non-Fiction. It supports Abstinence for young people. You can buy it at or I think it's in Barnes and Nobles too. I am thankful for God for the completion of my book project and I look forward to seeing it in the New York Times bestselling list.
  • sounds interesting - I an new to blogging!
  • I'm not sure this approach will work for me. It sounds very time consuming, and I'm not yet clear on just what the benefits would be. I'm going to look into it more.
  • It sounds interesting but at this time I do not have a lot of time to be on computer due to work. Would like to reserch it more later. Thank you
  • My book is nearing completion - working on photos for cover this week. I am going to check this out.