How to Create Your Own "Living Room" Book Tour - article

In a time where big-name stores are closing and independent coffee house are becoming extinct, the traditional places for an author to do readings are diminishing rapidly.

A “living room book tour” is a revolutionary twist on author readings.
Think about all the benefits of being able to control the environment in which you hold a very special book reading. You control the time of the event, the length of the engagement, the catering, contests, and more. Since it’s being held in a living room, one cool thing to do is to turn your appearance into a themed party.

Create an event where friends feel special for being invited to hear you read your latest work. After all, who doesn't love being a VIP guest at a private engagement? So create a setting that allows them to bring a “plus one.” Not only will your event be better attended and better received, but more people will talk about it in the following days, and you can encourage them to do so through all of their individual social media outlets.
And that's why you’re there! Your event will generate that old fashioned word-of-mouth that, in turn, raises awareness in your community.

Think about inviting book clubs, local reviewers and the press, as well as anyone who could possibly endorse your book for future marketing purposes.

Once you've had a successful event, you should package it for easy duplication. You might even become known for your book parties. If your town or city is big enough, have one every month and invite other local authors to join you in hosting the event and sharing costs. You can cross brand your work with the work of other authors, as they will be likely to participate in promoting of the event to their own readers and genre fans.

Finally, don't think just locally. If you have your party process down, take it on the road and turn it into a legitimate living room book tour. Do you have friends or family in different cities that you visit? Or maybe a group of people you are in contact with through a common online connection? These are all opportunities to hit the road and spread into new markets.

While you're there, visit their bookstores, coffee houses, and libraries with promotional material and book copies just in case they agree to carry your book and promotional materials on their shelves. Mention that you’re in town promoting your book to local readers. Just promise to mention the store’s willingness to help you out at the event, and some of them are sure to be of assistance.

Expand your marketing and publicity efforts beyond the traditional. Think outside the box. Your new fans will thank you for the experience.

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